Wilkinson Construction Services Inc.
Wilkinson Construction Services

During 40 years managing the construction of building projects, we have endeavored to construct buildings of quality and have made it our goal to construct them efficiently.

Honesty and ethical behavior with our clients, contractors, and suppliers has been a priority. Satisfying our client’s goals has been our focus.


We provide valuable input during the planning phase, which can have a significant impact on building constructability and cost.


We ensure control of project costs and schedule by continuous monitoring of available project information and recommending adjustments to maintain initial targets.


We work collaboratively with all team members during design and construction to ensure the work is coordinated and stays on schedule.


We lead the construction process to ensure an expedited work flow, accomplished through clarity of responsibilities and accountability.


We demand safe behavior by all workers on our job sites and regulations are enforced by our supervisors, safety committees and safety consultants.


We ensure our high quality workmanship standards are achieved by careful selection of trade contractors and suppliers and diligent supervision by our supervisors and consultants.


During the project design and municipal approval process, we provide regular costing and constructability feedback, as well as cost-effective design alternatives to the Owner and Design Team to ensure that the design and the budget are aligned. We also help to ensure the project documents are complete and coordinated. These efforts minimize rework, allowing for a smooth transition from the design team to the construction team and minimizing costly extras during construction.


In order to ensure a seamless turnover of the new building to the Owner or Owner’s Property Manager, we coordinate training and outline maintenance procedures of building systems. Throughout the warranty period, we manage the Trade Contractors to ensure their warranty obligations are fulfilled.

On Tarion registered projects, we ensure the occupancy process is smooth by communicating with new purchasers, scheduling PDI appointments, and expediting the correction of any identified deficiencies. We simultaneously manage the Tarion mandated common element warranty, keeping in constant communication with the Owner, the Property Manager, and the new Condominium Corporation to complete the Bulletin 19 requirements and technical audit.


We can assist owners with all up-front development needs, including project financial analysis and viability, the selection and management of all Project Consultants, assistance with conceptual project design and project planning, coordination with Municipal utilities and services, assistance with project financing procurement and complete project accounting. Once construction is completed, we can also assist with the condominium registration and turnover process, Letter of Credit releases and final project closeout.


Our team can provide complete management of the Owner’s upgrade program from beginning to end. Once the project standards are established with the Owner, we put together an upgrade program and coordinate meetings with all purchasers to finalize colour selections and present upgrade options. We then seamlessly manage the implementation of these upgrades with the Trade Contractors during the construction of the building, and through to the PDI and warranty process with the purchaser.

Modern Technologies & Sustainability Initiatives

In order to effectively manage the administration of construction projects, Wilkinson has leveraged information technology and cloud computing to streamline processes, minimize duplication of work and store, organize and analyze project information.

Wilkinson has comprehensive experience with the implementation of sustainable “green” technologies in the construction of buildings. We have assisted with the design and have constructed buildings utilizing geothermal and solar technologies.

Procore The all-in-one construction management software built to help finish quality projects—safely, on time, and within budget.

Jonas Construction Software We utilize the Jonas Premier construction software platform for project document and cost management, which provides seamless integration between accounting and construction.

Canadian Green Building Council We continue to support the Canadian Green Building Council and are always looking for new ways of introducing green technologies, in a cost-effective way, into the buildings we build.

Builder Software Program For after sales service and warranty management we utilize the Builder Software Tools platform, which allows for deficiencies to be dealt with in a professional, organized and timely manner.