High-Rise Residential Wilkinson has provided construction management services for over 30 high-rise residential projects with more than 3800 suites.

We understand the process and requirements for high-rise construction with reinforced concrete. Strong management control and diligent attention to the planning and the processing of information between Owner, Consultants and Trade Contractors, provides efficient and well constructed buildings.
Self Storage Facilities + Industrial Wilkinson has constructed over 650,000 sf of self storage buildings, office/warehouses, and specific-use facilities. The self-storage buildings have been single storey drive-ups as well as multi-storey facilities - many of them were renovation projects, changing existing industrial buildings into like-new storage facilities. We have constructed full floor mezzanines, elevators and stairwells in some of them, effectively doubling the capacity of the existing building.
Institutional + Commercial Wilkinson has provided construction services for schools, churches, community buildings, retail stores, medical clinics, dental clinics, and business offices. Projects for public use such as these often require considerable coordination and cooperation to please multiple users and building committees. We take pride in our reputation for constructing projects of quality, and in meeting our clients determined expectations.
Retirement + Long Term Care Wilkinson has provided construction management services for retirement homes and long term care facilities, and has completed more than 1000 suites. The projects were both low-rise and high-rise, and were constructed with wood frame, cast-in-place concrete and light gauge steel.
Low-Rise Residential Wilkinson has managed the construction of over 1000 townhouses in more than 20 projects, and more than 40 custom home projects.

We are comfortable and knowledgeable with wood frame techniques and requirements, and have constructed a number of projects with off-site panel fabrication. Some of these projects were constructed with light gauge steel.
Wilkinson's understanding of the development process provides valuable + effective insights.
Diligent supervision ensures that quality is maintained as the work is performed.
Wilkinson takes pride in getting the job done well + on time with all of their projects.